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Our gardening guides are written for beginners because we too are beginners!
Our desire to learn as much as we can to become self-sufficient will help
you get started on your own journey to home-grown food.

Easy Gardening Steps

How can you grow all types of fruit, vegetables, and herbs in your garden? We give simple steps on how you can produce your own crops that are natural and healthy. Easy steps to make growing your own a breeze.

Along with our growing guides, we provide guides on how to get the most from your garden. From companion planting – grouping plants to promote growth and deter pests. To a guide on how to get the most from your crops by using polytunnels. 

Our Growing Guides

  • When to plant
  • When to harvest 
  • Temperature to plant 
  • Planting depth 
  • Plant spacing 
  • Direction 
  • Companion plants Soil PH level 
  • Sunlight amount
  • Drainage
  • Benefits 
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