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Our gardening guides are written for beginners by our resident gardening expert, Annette Gonzales, who has a green thumb that’s nurtured veggies, fruits, and herbs to flourish even in the most challenging conditions!

Easy Gardening Steps

Looking to cultivate a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs? We’ve got straightforward steps to help you harvest fresh, wholesome produce effortlessly. In addition to planting tutorials, dive into our tips on maximizing your garden’s potential.

Discover the art of companion planting for enhanced growth and fewer pests, and learn to leverage polytunnels for a bumper crop.

Our Growing Guides

  • When to plant
  • When to harvest 
  • Temperature to plant 
  • Planting depth 
  • Plant spacing 
  • Direction 
  • Companion plants Soil PH level 
  • Sunlight amount
  • Drainage
  • Benefits 
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