Winter vegetable gardening using a cold frame. Using this technique you can extend growing seasons in either direction. Whether it be planting early in the year or well after your traditional growing periods.

Winter vegetable garden

By Linda N. from

When building a cold frame make sure you have excellent drainage in place. It’s also recommended to use gravel for the flooring. Depending on how deep your cold frames are, you can even put shelves up to hold your plants.

A good size to build your cold frame for winter vegetable gardening would be about 4 feet in width, 8 feet in length and 12 – 18 inches in depth. Location of the cold frame should be facing south, which allows your vegetables to receive the most sunshine.

You can use wood for the framing and greenhouse plastic, which is 2 pieces together with a little air in the middle to allow the light to pass through while keeping the heat in,  for the windows. With this winter vegetable gardening setup you can have a garden twelve months a year.

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