When to pick potatoes is a common question for a first time potato grower. Depending on the variety planted it is usually late summer or early fall when the potato plant starts to wilt or dry up. If you are growing baby potatoes, I have heard the best time to harvest these potatoes is one week after the first blossom appears.

Sometimes you will be able to pull the entire plant out of the soil with the potatoes still attached to the roots. Other times you will have to dig them out of the ground with a shovel. When digging be sure to dig a little back from where the plant was located in the ground. By doing this you will not dig directly into the potato plant root system ruining any of the potatoes with the shovel blade.

Once the potatoes are dug up from the ground, I usually wash the dirt off and let them in the sun to dry off. While in the sunlight this will also cure them so you will be able have a longer storage time. There is nothing like the taste of a homegrown potato. Enjoy your harvest.

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