Here in NE Pennsylvania we had a cool and wet spring. Planting my vegetable garden was delayed a few weeks because of the wet soil conditions. So if you think you are planting a late garden, you’re not alone. You will still be able to plant many of the vegetables you normally grow.

Here is a little checklist for some gardening factors to keep in mind.

  • Keep your vegetable garden to a size that can be easily managed. You don’t want a garden that is too large that causes you too much stress and you feel overwhelmed and give up. Plant a garden too small and you could become disappointed in it’s yield.
  • Another essential aspect most gardeners overlook is getting a soil test. Getting your soil tested will give you some very beneficial data that will help you reap the rewards of a healthy vegetable garden. Be sure to follow the data instructions on fertilizing and liming the soil. It’s usually best to use a high calcium lime and try to stay away from using lime with a 3% or higher content of magnesium.
  • Always add some organic material to your garden soil. This will help add nutrients to the soil, benefit the soil structure, increase the soil strength to hold nutrients and allow for better water drainage.

vegetable garden plantWhen choosing which vegetables to grow it is best to pick disease resistance varieties which are still good tasting. Since you are already planting a late garden avoid vegetables that take along time to mature. This will help avoid an early frost wiping out the crop. You still of plenty of time for the many summer vegetable favorites such as tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, cucumbers and eggplant.

When the time comes, make sure you enjoy your harvest. You now have the best tasting vegetables that money can buy, the homegrown variety. You can feel especially rewarded knowing that you grew these garden vegetables yourself. This is the start of becoming self sufficient and not relying on someone else to grow your food. The fruits of your labor paid off to a healthier lifestyle.

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