How to plants onions in your home garden. Starting with onion sets.

You want the bulbs to be small, around the size of a small marble. Create a small opening in the loose soil and plant the onion sets about 4 inches apart and an inch deep. You can use the width of your hand as a guide for the spacing requirement. Cover up with soil and then give them a little drink of water. Put a marker in the ground so you know what is planted there.

This tip is for planting onion transplants. Take a hand trowel and make 1/2″ wide by 1 inch deep trench. Separate the roots of the onion plants and stick in the ground. 4 inch spacing between plants in a straight row. They will look like drooping blades of grass sticking out of the ground. It’s normal for the green stems to die off but the plant will come back and continue to grow. After placing the plants in the ground, just water the trench where planted.

For planting potted leeks you pull them apart to separate the roots and knock off any remaining soil. The roots are already sprouting out so you want the row to be a little deeper when planting. Push the roots into the soil and space about 2 inches apart. Cover with soil and water.

Onions can not compete with weeds for moisture because they have a shallow root system. Therefore, you will want to keep your gardening surface clear of weeds.





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