How to compost tips and ideas. Some folks may ask what is composting? Composting is reusing decomposed organic material and turning them into nutrients for new plants to grow.

You can buy a composting bin or just make your own out of chicken wire formed into a round shape.The compost bin should be 3 feet high, 3 feet round and 3 feet deep. The compost material should be filled to the top creating the exact amount of pressure to start the decomposing process.

You want to start with brown material and green material. The brown material consists of dry decaying straw or leaves. Use the brown material for the base. The ideal ratio is 3:1. Three parts brown to one part green. The green materials consists of grass clippings, cut flowers, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags and other food waste. This material is not yet dried or decomposing.

The best time to start a compost pile is in the fall. There are plenty of leaves falling off the trees this time of year. Once the compost pile is started you will need to turn the materials over. If this is done weekly, in 2 months time you will have compost. This material can then be placed in your garden as organic fertilizer.

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