Many kids across the country will be out of school for the summer. Parents have you heard the dreaded words yet, I’m bored what’s there to do. Why not design a garden for kids. It doesn’t have to be a huge garden, just enough space to grow a few vegetables.

This gardening idea can teach children about responsibility and offer a sort of experiment. First thing to do is let the kids till the soil in preparation of planting. Planting chives and onions will be beneficial for repelling certain insects.Basil is good for flies, mosquitoes while planting marigolds near the kid’s garden will keep away many common garden pests.

Vegetable HarvestTry to plant veggies that grow good together like from the same plant family. Lettuce, cabbage, beets and carrots are good companion growers. Likewise, potatoes, beans and peas are also a good choice together. Cucumbers and tomatoes are another good combination.

For the tomatoes and cucumbers you could grow them vertically by building a trellis for them to climb. Vertically raising vegetables takes up less space, they’re growing upwards instead of sprawling across the ground.

If your kids enjoyed the gardening experiment, plan ahead for next year after you have harvested all the crops by working the soil. Add some compost or humus, leaves and grass clippings to enrich the garden soil.

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