Raised Gardening Beds Archives

Raised Bed Garden Hoophouse Construction

Raised bed garden hoophouse construction made easy. For about twenty dollars you can make a mini greenhouse for your raised garden beds. Increase your produce yields with a longer growing season.

Constructing Raised Bed Gardens In The City

Simple plans for constructing raised bed gardens in the city or any location. From this design you can build a hoop house. A miniature greenhouse using PVC pipe.

Growing Cucumbers Vertically

Growing cucumbers vertically up a trellis outside. Growing method well suited for patio areas or people living in apartments. Cucumbers grown upwards are easier to pick.

Build Your Garden Anywhere

Build your garden anywhere in about 30 minutes. GardenSoxx mesh tubes contain organic material for a simple gardening method. Great for raised bed vegetable gardens or even container gardening.

Build Raised Bed Garden

Building a raised bed garden doesn’t have to be difficult. Always have a plan in place for the location and design. Four feet widths are ideal for adults and you can make them any size in length.

Raised Bed Gardens

Raised bed gardens are much easier to manage for older gardeners. Pick out a spot for your raised garden bed that will receive ample sunlight. Use cedar or redwoods for their excellent rot protection.