Hydroponic, Aquaponic Systems Archives

Backyard Aquaponics System

Did you know that a backyard aquaponics system uses 90% less water than a regular dirt garden? Learn what type of fish is the best to raise. Concept involves fish helping vegetable plants and vegetable plants helping fish.

Aquaponics How To

Now control what you grow and eat with an aquaponic system. Here you will learn the ins and outs of aquaponics how to. Have fresh vegetables and fish from the same setup.

Hydroponic Gravity Fed System

Hydroponic gravity fed system made from inexpensive materials. PVC sewer pipe is used to house the plant pots. A plastic storage container was used for the reservoir.

Hydroponic Flood and Drain Garden

If you are tight on space, try a hydroponic flood and drain system. You can have 800 vegetable plants in a 90 square foot area. Vegetables grow at a fast rate using this method.

Growing Lettuce Using Hydroponics

Using hydroponics to grow lettuce will produce enough lettuce that you could start your own produce business. Total cost for this hydroponic system will cost you around 100 dollars. Lettuce is a very hardy plant surviving temperatures around freezing to over 100 degrees.

Hydroponics For Beginners

Thinking about hydroponics? Learn how to build a hydroponic gardening system. Made from a plastic storage container and a couple of aquarium parts.