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Homegrown Lettuce Flavor, Freshness, and Food Safety WRITTEN BY JESSE ALEXANDER Jesse grew up in a small agricultural town on Canada’s east coast. He loves all things that grow and has a B.Sc. in Agricultural Business from Dalhousie University. Jesse holds that our planet must be stewarded, not for future generations, but for its own…

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Planning Your Vegetable Garden

When planning your vegetable garden, try and answer the following questions before starting. Who will be doing the gardening work? Will this garden be your own or maybe a family affair? If you answered yes on the garden being your own, then it would be best to keep the it small. This way you will…

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Winter Vegetable Gardening

Even in February you can plant a winter vegetable garden using this growing method. Incorporating the use of a cold frame can have you growing vegetables year round. Simple enough to build your own.

Vegetable Garden

How to shade lettuce plants in the long hot days of summer. During this period lettuce tends to bolt. This when the lettuce flowers and makes seeds.

Find out why homegrown food tastes best. Retain that goodness as you go from garden to dinner plate within minutes. Get all of the flavor and nutrients from the vegetables naturally.

Garden Carrots

More people are growing their own food these days. Is it because vegetable gardens are more popular in the bad economy? Could it be because of the trend to eat locally grown food, food safety concerns or maybe people want to be more self sufficient?

Learn some valuable tips for planting a late garden. You will learn which vegetables to grow and which ones to avoid. Come harvest time you will have the best tasting vegetables available.

Growing Food For Self Sufficiency

Learn how to grow food for self sufficiency. Urban farms or micro farming can even be done in the city. Only a small area is needed to grow edible crops.

Garden Picked Sweet Corn

Tried growing sweet corn with miserable results? Learn planting sweet corn basics to produce a bumper crop. Enjoy freshly picked sweet corn right out of your garden this summer.

Germany E. Coli breakout linked to organic farming. How you can prevent this from happening to you. Learning to grow your own food is the key.

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