Grow Potatoes Archives

Hover Fly Eating Nectar

Learn how to get the hover fly to protect your potato plants. Use these hover flies to control insect pests that feed on your plants. Combating damaging insects naturally with the need of chemicals.

When To Pick Potatoes

Inside you will learn when to pick potatoes. Growing baby potatoes requires a different harvest time. Nothing beats the taste of homegrown potatoes.

Growing Potatoes In Bags

Growing potatoes in bags can be a fun project for the kids. Learn how to easily plant potatoes in a limited space environment. No dig potatoes for an easy harvest.

How To Prepare Potatoes For Planting

Excellent tips on how to prepare potatoes for planting. Plant seed potato in the trench that you dug. Grow underground crop in home vegetable garden.

No Dig Potato Growing

Simple method for no dig potato growing. Can even be grown on top of concrete. Great method if you have a limited area to grow vegetables.

Easy To Grow Potatoes

If you never planted a garden before, try growing potatoes. The potato is the easiest root plant to grow. You can even grow potatoes in anything that will hold dirt.